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Nuclear Energy

GCR was founded as an engineering service provider to the nuclear energy industry back in 1995. Today, the core competencies of our team remain focused on the sector. We have experience and expertise throughout the lifecycle of a nuclear power plant (NPP): from planning its construction, through its design, procurement and construction, to optimizing its safe commercial operation while managing spent fuel and radioactive waste, all the way to decommissioning.
Our team is capable of supporting new-build NPP projects in areas including site selection, environmental impact assessment, and Owner’s Engineer services such as technology selection, design review, construction supervision, and commissioning support.
Our work for existing nuclear facilities has focused on operational safety and reliability management. We conduct model-based deterministic and probabilistic safety analyses based on internationally-recognized methodologies using state-of-the-art tools. We develop and implement design solutions for improvement of plant operational reliability – and therefore plant economics – all in accordance with the requirements of the latest international norms and standards.
Finally, we provide engineering solutions for low- and high-level radioactive waste management and decommissioning of nuclear facilities.

Conventional and Renewable Energy

Over the years GCR has expanded into conventional and renewable energy. Our team has experience and expertise in supporting thermal, hydroelectric and renewable power plants.
The evolving national and international market realities and environmental impact requirements force many power plant owners to modernize their facilities. For thermal power plants this has meant fuel switching from coal to gas while striving for greater efficiency. Greater efficiency is mainly achieved through fuller utilization of primary energy by way of combined generation of heat, power and cooling. In practice, this requires installation of modern gas and/or steam turbines, installation of heat-recovery steam generators and/or replacement of existing thermal equipment – all along with auxiliary electrical and I&C equipment. Our focus has been on providing design services (including Designer’s Supervision during construction and commissioning support) for such projects. In some cases we are able to take on overall responsibility for project implementation and offer EPCM/EPC services.
At GCR we support the electrification and decarbonization of the economy as necessary conditions for sustainable development. As part of this commitment we provide services for modernization of existing hydroelectric power plants, construction of new solar photovoltaic and wind power plants, and energy storage systems. Similar to our capabilities for thermal power plants, we offer design services and in some instances EPCM/EPC services for such projects. On the front end, we may provide site assessments and feasibility studies. On the back end, our capabilities extend to engineering support during operations.

Energy Solutions for Industry

For industrial-scale consumers of electricity, heat, and/or cooling, we offer modern solutions for optimizing the energy balance. For maximum utilization of the primary energy carriers, we offer modern combined generation (“co-generation”) solutions for electricity production and full use of the residual heat energy for technological needs (production process, heating, cooling).