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Turnkey construction

Turnkey construction is a building solution that drastically simplifies things for you as the owner of the future project. With this type of project we bear the responsibility for design and construction work, while you as the owner only wait for us to get the job done, and when the project is finished, you are able to start using the new building or facility.

As part of the turnkey construction model our firm focuses on:


We are responsible for preparing the design of the facility, which eliminates the need for the future owner to hire engineers and designers independently.

Supply Procurement

Instead of the project owner or employer locating and purchasing supplies, we handle this through our own network of suppliers. Depending on the type of turnkey contract, the future owner may be able to specify suppliers and materials.


We handle every aspect of construction, from start to finish. This way, the owner doesn’t have to spend time searching for subcontractors and hiring them, nor do they have to take part in the construction itself. Once construction is finished, the new owner can begin using the facility.

When it comes to nuclear power as a part of the turnkey construction we employ the use of simulators. Our expert team is trained in all aspects of mathematical modeling, with the aim to achieve the best engineering real time simulators, as follows:

  • Simulation of hydraulic and heat fluxes, including double-phase multicomponent thermal hydraulic systems in non-balanced state for nuclear and thermal-electric power units
  • Core physics
  • Radiation monitoring and source evaluation
  • Modeling of combustion processes at thermal power stations and other power generation facilities
  • Turbines and other Balance of Plant (BOP) systems
  • Process control and automation, graphic user interface for digital monitoring systems
  • Electrical equipment and electrical circuit systems
  • Control room replica, simulator instructor facilities, power supply and design of simulator computer set

The engineering and training simulation activities are mainly focused on nuclear power generation. In cooperation with its partners, the Company provides engineering services to its clients abroad.