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Design and engineering

The company has some of the most highly qualified experts in the country with many years of experience with energy projects, able to cover all stages of design and engineering.

Our work includes:

Development of the necessary design documentation for the site

  • Feasibility studies, purchase period.
  • Conceptual design, developed in several variants depending on the requirements of the Client;
  • Preparation of specifications for delivery of basic and ancillary equipment, optimization of price – quality
  • Technical design, developed in all specialties according to state requirements and regulations
  • Preparation and / or coordination of assignments for receiving offers from equipment suppliers
  • Coordination of non-standard design solutions with the manufacturers of basic and ancillary equipment. Review of offers / specifications prepared by suppliers for compliance with terms of reference and applicable regulatory requirements;
  • Development of a working project

Providing intellectual assistance in the process of legalization of the project, building permit and licensing of the project

Construction activities

  • Incoming control – review of production documentation for compliance with the offer / contract / project / regulatory requirements;
  • Development of decisions for amendment / supplement of a project in view of unforeseen circumstances during the implementation;
  • Coordination and supervision during construction
  • Development of installation solutions;
  • Designer supervision during the construction and installation works;
  • Designer supervision during installation of machines and equipment (mechanical installation, instrumentation and electrical installation);


  • Assistance in startup works;
  • Assistance during start-up and functional tests;
    Preparation of operating instructions, training of operating personnel.

For individual technologies, our experience will help you in the layout of the entire project so that it is organized and completed in accordance with the regulatory requirements in Bulgaria. We will help you choose the necessary ancillary equipment, interface connections for existing facilities, management of the overall implementation of the site, preparation of documentation, training of operating personnel and assistance during commissioning.