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Our expertise

GCR is a provider of engineering and technical consulting services. As such, our ability to deliver value to our clients is based on our people. We are proud of the team of experts the company has been able to nurture over the years. Our permanent staff of over 45 people is composed primarily of senior experts with deep expertise and 15-25+ years of experience in the power sector. Beyond our permanent staff, we maintain a network of 100+ outside experts from academia and industry whom we can incorporate in project teams on an as-needed basis.


  • Process engineers specialized in technological processes and structures, systems and components of nuclear power plants, conventional thermal power plants, hydroelectric power plants, and renewable energy systems
  • Nuclear power engineers further specialized in performing deterministic and probabilistic safety analyses and simulating processes in a nuclear power plant – all according to the current legislative requirements, codes, and standards, applying the latest international best-practices and methodologies of the IAEA, U.S. NRC, EPRI, etc. using state-of-the-art software (see the software page)
    • The capability of our nuclear power experts is recognized by the IAEA, who routinely recruits these specialists for participation in IPSART, Safety Review Missions, and Technical Cooperation projects throughout the world, including Algeria, Russia, Egypt, Jordan, Malaysia, Pakistan, Czech Republic, and Slovakia. Our staff have provided their expertise in areas such as severe (Beyond-Design-Basis) accident management, PSA Level 1 & 2, and HRA
  • Design engineers, fully licensed to develop and approve the following design parts in accordance with Bulgarian investment design and construction legislation:
    • Machine-technological 
    • Structural
    • Instrumentation and Control
    • Electrical
    • HVAC
    • Fire safety
    • Radiation protection
    • Safety analysis report


Since 1995, our specialists have successfully supported some of the most significant projects in the Bulgarian power industry, participating as leaders of the projects and key experts.

  • In the nuclear power sector, these include:
    • Modernization program of Units 5 and 6 of Kozloduy NPP over the period 1998-2008
    • Development of the Belene NPP project during 2005-2012
    • Site selection for Unit 7 of Kozloduy NPP during 2012-2014
    • Development of the lifetime extension program of Units 5 and 6 of Kozloduy NPP
  • In the conventional power sector, these include:
    • Modernization of Maritsa East TPP
    • Flue-gas desulphurization installation at Maritsa East TPP
    • Installation of back-pressure steam turbines for district heating at Sofia TPP and Sofia East TPP


For more details on our current and past work, see the projects page