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Construction supervision

We provide you with professional construction supervision, specific to your project. Our highly experienced team can effectively control and supervise every aspect of your construction work.

As an independent third-party, we can help you with:

  • Executing your project effectively and in-line with regulations
  • Keeping your construction project on schedule, reduce technical risks and prevent construction errors through our continuous supervision
  • Complying with the relevant building regulations, quality standards and insurance company guidelines
  • Ensuring all work conforms to the specified technical documentation and the construction permit
  • Completing and issuing all documents, certificates and declarations correctly

Reviews and assessments in the field of NPP safety.


    • Comprehensive assessment services of plant’s safety concept during design and operational phases
    • Assessments cover defence-in-depth concepts including diversity and redundancy of systems and components as well as internal and external hazards.
    • Assessment of reactor core design and fuel elements regarding criticality safety
    • Safety classification of systems, structures and components
    • Power supply concepts including emergency power supply
    • Ageing management
    • Severe Accident Management Guidelines (SAMG)
    • Assessment of plant design and safety concepts with
    • Probabilistic Safety Assessments
    • Analysis of weak points
    • Evaluation of countermeasures
    • Reliability investigations
    • Simulation of plant and system behavior
    • Analysis of impact of plant changes to the safety level
    • Optimization of strategies for testing, repair and maintenance
    • Hazard analysis, risk analysis and management
    • Risk-informed plant assessment and optimization
    • Cost/ benefit analysis

Specific solutions for specific tasks for energy sites

Our team offers a wide range of services specific to the task at hand such as:

Feasibility studies on project proposals and candidate eligibility according to requirements and regulations, forming a structured investment idea out of ​​client’s investment intention and exploring options for its financing and detailed definition of project parameters;

Investment project development, including: completing application documents, preparation of estimated revenue and financial outcomes as a result of project execution; identifying and preparing time schedules for the project implementation activities; expense calculations and budget development; advising on the type of accompanying documents; developing, managing and completing tender documentation for provider/suppliers selection; conducting the procedure for supplier/vendor selection and consulting in the process of tender evaluation; drafting a procedure for tender evaluation.

Technical and economic assessments of investment intentions

When it comes to to the technical and economic assessments of investment intentions our team offers the following services:

  • Sector analysis, including information about the state of the specific sector market and trends for its development. This analysis is based on monitoring business trends in individual sectors and impact of individual factors such as competitiveness, institutional environment, prices, and anticompetitive practices. Based on the collected data clients receive a comprehensive picture of the state of the particular market and are provided with conclusions and recommendations for the development of specific projects;
  • Technical-economic analyses based on: identifying potential limitations on technical and economic aspects of the project; assessment and analysis of existing legal and managerial base. As a result, we prepare a situational analysis and proposal with specific solutions and strategic steps;
  • Positional analysis and linking it to specific strategies for reaching client’s goals. Development of short-, medium- and long-term strategies; trend analysis and identification of opportunities for their implementation based on strategically applicable activities ; proposals for specific activities aimed at attracting suitable consumer groups, diversification strategies for products and markets.

Owner’s engineer

An owner’s engineer serves as an independent representative or advocate of the project owner. We provide project management and quality assurance support during all stages of the asset lifecycle.

High quality in the planning and construction of a plant is important for its safety and long-term reliability. Engaging us as an independent owner’s engineer ensures that your project complies with international standards, thereby reducing the risk of liabilities and addressing potential quality issues. In addition, it also helps reduce your project’s costs through greater control over the project scope, schedule, orders, and various other aspects.