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Dam “Krichim” – Repair of Pressure Collector for Drainage Pumping Station Dam District “Vacha”


  • Employer:
  • duration:
    mar 2023 – may 2023
  • Budget:
    45 995 EUR
Dam "Krichim"

Project site

Dam “Krichim” is the lowest step of the energy cascade “Dospat – Vacha”. The dam wall is located about 10 km south of the center of Krichim, Plovdiv region.
A drainage tank is built at the base of the wall, in which the drainage water from all the galleries is collected. The collected water in the tank is taken outside the wall by means of a drainage pumping station composed of pumps, a shut-off valve, a pressure collector, and a pressure water supply.

Project scope

  • Delivery of materials according to specification and construction of a new collector according to the project arranged by the Contracting Authority.
  • Carrying out hydraulic tests of the new manifold.


  • Increasing the reliability of the drainage pumping station and ensuring a long-term operational resource with minimal maintenance.
  • Dismantling of the existing collector after putting the new one into operation.
  • Taking the generated waste outside the dam wall area to a recycling site.