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Detailed design for the installation of a Peterson coil on the 20 kV side Power transformers (PT) 101 and PT 102 in the switchyard of Devin HPP


  • duration:
    January 2019 – August 2019
  • Budget:
    6 400 EUR

Project site

Devin HPP is located near the town of Devin with a total installed capacity of 88 MW. The plant has two vertical hydro units. Devin HPP is the second stage of the Dospat-Vacha cascade (after Teshel HPP).

Project scope

During the reconstruction of the 110 kV switchyard in Devin HPP, the Peterson coils, which were connected to the 20 kV side of the three-winding transformers PT 101 and PT 102, were dismantled. The two transformers provide power to the busbar system in the 20 kV switchgear to which 20 kV terminals are connected. The 20 kV outlets from the 20 kV switchgear of Devin HPP supply the local cargo in the area of ​​the town of Devin, which is part of the EVN network.

Parts of the working project:

  1. Primary switching;
  2. Construction;
  3. Secondary switching and automation;
  4. Preparation of a Safety and Health Plan;
  5. Waste management plan;
  6. Estimate of costs.


The implementation of the project will ensure selective operation of the relay protections in Devin HPP and reliable power supply to the consumers in the area of Devin.