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Development of a Manual for RAW


  • Employer:
  • duration:
    Mar 2020 – Aug 2020
  • Budget:
    33 670 EUR

Project scope

Development of a “Guideline for the Safe Management of Highly Active Sources During the Operation and Decommissioning of Facilities with Gamma-Irradiation Devices”

The manual for the safe management of high-activity sources during the operation and decommissioning of facilities with gamma radiation equipment covers the activities related to:

  • Operation of objects with gamma radiation devices;
  • Decommissioning of sites with gamma irradiation devices;
  • Management of decommissioned high-level sources declared as radioactive waste.

The aim is to systematize and detail the requirements and measures for ensuring radiation protection and safe management of highly active sources in gamma radiation systems during all stages of their life cycle.

This guide serves to assist industrial enterprises, medical facilities, scientific institutes, and other organizations in the process of optimizing radiation protection in activities with gamma radiation equipment related to the use and storage of high-level sources, including decommissioned high-level sources.