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Energy efficiency measures of the Administrative building “Coastal pumping station”– 20 KV


  • Implementation period:
    November 2018 – May 2020
  • Project value: 
    BGN 294 545.52
  • Partner companies in the project implementation:
    Stromet 2004 EOOD – Kozloduy;
    “ART – 07” EOOD – Sofia;
    Klima Project – AS EOOD


“Energy efficiency measures of the Administrative building “Coastal pumping station”- 20 KV”

The administrative building of the Coastal Pumping Station of the NPP was built in 1974 and consists of two bodies, which house administrative offices, as well as main control room (MCR) of coastal pumping stations 1, 2 and 3. The supporting structure of the building is monolithic , with brick exterior walls and reinforced concrete slabs and columns.

The subject of the task is also an existing workshop, built of prefabricated reinforced concrete elements.


Scope of the project

  • Preparation of a detailed design for parts Architecture, Energy Efficiency, HSP and SP in order to reduce energy costs to maintain the required operating temperature and living temperature of the administrative premises in the building.
  • Delivery and incoming control of materials;
  • Execution of construction and installation works according to the projects accepted by the Assignor, including:
  • Dismantling of existing air conditioners, triggers from lightning protection installation, lighting fixtures, steel vertical access stairs, window sills, windows, sheets on the roof boards;
  • Construction of additional pilasters according to the architectural design;
    Installation of EPS thermal system and the corresponding necessary finishing layers;
  • Installation of steel supporting structure and fire-resistant sandwich panels in the area of ​​the transformer site and in other areas according to the requirements of the architectural design;
  • Replacement of existing window frames;
  • Thermal insulation of existing steel doors;
  • Installation of air conditioners and lighting fixtures


Improved temperature regime of the building;
Updated and refreshed look of the facades.