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Improvement of a simulator with a full range of simulation and a model of the control panel of Kozloduy NPP EAD Unit 6 with an up-to-date model of a modernized in-core monitoring system(IMS).


  • duration:
    February 2018 – September  2018
  • Budget:
    451 000 BGN

Nuclear energy is a classic example of the need and benefit of simulation technology as it is widely used in the form of a training and engineering tool. The simulators at the NPP are designed mainly for initial and maintenance training of the operational personnel working in the command hall. At the same time, they are used in the initial training stage of other groups of staff, as well as students of relevant engineering specialties to get acquainted with the physics of processes, the technological scheme of the unit and the basic equipment.

Scope of the project

The following activities were performed within the task:

  • Development of a model for simulation of the low level of IMS-M;
  • Development of a model for high level simulation of IMS-M;
  • Integration of simulation software;
  • Checking and setting up algorithms and graphical user interface;
  • Development of a procedure for functional tests of the IMS-M model;
  • Procedure for updating the core model;
  • Factory tests of the IMS-M model;
  • Training of Kozloduy NPP personnel;
  • Tests of the IMS-M model for acceptance by Kozloduy NPP
  • An update of the project documentation.


  • The new model of IMS fully corresponds to the improvements made to the RU in connection with the increased capacity of the unit to 104%;
  • Replaced the existing computing devices and software of the upper level system hardware(ULSH) of IMS;
  • Functional changes have been made to the software of ULSH to ensure the operational control of the thermohydraulic parameters of cassettes in the joint operation of the sensors from the regular thermal control and the sensors in KNIT;
  • A number of changes have been made in the graphical interface, input-output signals and fuel data;
  • Workstations of the IMS have been replaced;
  • Replaced the operating system of the workstations of the IMS;
  • After the implementation of the project for improvement of the model of the nuclear steam-generating installation of the simulator, the model allows simulation of the state of the core in a randomly selected moment of a real or project campaign.