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Information System for Organization of Operational Activity – Evaluation of an External Organization (EO)


  • Employer:
  • duration:
    Nov 2020 – Nov 2021
  • Budget:
    22 000 EUR

Project site

The information system for the Organization of Operational Activity (IS OOA) at the Kozloduy NPP consists of multiple modules, such as: “Equipment”, “Operation”, “Project Requirements and Project Basics”, “Project Changes”, “Operational Experience”, ” Technical tasks”, etc. In the framework of this project, the IS OOA is expanded by adding a new module “Assessment and Control of EO” to the IS OOA.

Project scope

Within the framework of the project, GCR AD together with the main developer of the software platform of IS OOA Hemimon AD carried out the following main activities:

  • Development of a functional specification and project description of the software of the new module;
  • Testing, validation, and verification of the developed module against the requirements of the functional specification and project description;
  • Preparation of user manual, development of verification and validation programs, and training materials for the contracting authority.Long Description

Objectives and Results

The development of a new module “Assessment and Control of EO” of IS OED ensures the entry, processing, and control of information about the signed contracts/orders of the Kozloduy NPP with contractors under contracts of external organizations, entry of information about the set requirements in terms of safety and quality, generation of an evaluation sheet, the act of assessment of the activity, protocol for checking the documents, in cases where the activity is related to safety and/or quality, introduction of the led correspondence with the companies, as well as control over the timely implementation of the set conditions in the document verification protocols.