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Kozloduy NPP – Design, delivery and installation of a 5EA50 rechargeable battery


  • duration:
    November 2018 –  July 2019
  • Contract value:
    BGN 423 884


Kozloduy NPP – Design, delivery and installation of a 5EA50 rechargeable battery.
The rechargeable battery with designation 5EA50 in M3 of Unit 5 was installed in 1998 and is a lead-acid, stationary, serviceable rechargeable battery consisting of 106 elements.
Due to depletion of the resource and deterioration of the condition of the rechargeable battery, GCR AD was assigned to replace it with a new one meeting the modern requirements for operation in a nuclear power plant.

GCR AD, as a leading member of the consortium “GCR – Tristan-02”, successfully performed the activities of battery replacement, performing the following activities: design, installation and commissioning of stationary lead-acid battery, GROE (PLANTE), 14GroE1400 SGH 29D, manufactured by the Italian company FIAMM Energy Technology S.p.A.


Scope of the project

  • Development of a working project;
  • Delivery of the equipment on the site of Kozloduy NPP,
  • Designer’s supervision during the installation of the equipment;
  • Startup and check out works and commissioning.



As a result of the performed activities, the rechargeable battery, racks and equipment meeting the modern technical requirements for safety and reliability have been installed. The rechargeable battery has a service life of over 20 years, is easy to maintain and operate.