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Open Switchgear 31.5kV Substation Maritsa East


  • Employer:
  • duration:
    Mar 2023 – Sep 2023
  • Budget:
    75 000 EUR

Project site

The work project covers the construction of two new fields in the 31.5kV substation for the connection of two new shunt reactors, with a capacity of 50MVAr each. The reactors will be connected with breakers to the tertiary winding of autotransformers 400/231/31.5 kV in order to compensate for the reactive power on the high voltage side.

Project scope

The main contractor of the Employer ESO EAD is KMS EAD. GCR is a subcontractor of KMS EAD with overall responsibility for the project. The project covers the following parts:
– Engineering geology and hydrogeology;
– Geodetic;
– Electrical – primary switching;
– Electrical – grounding and lightning protection installations;
– Part 5: Electrical – secondary switching;
– Constructive;
– Roads and approaches;
– Plumbing;
– Fire safety (PB);
– Safety and Health Plan (SHP);
– Construction waste management plan (CWMP).