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Photovoltaic Power Plant Water World – Bankya


  • Employer:
    Voden Svyat – Bankya AD
  • duration:
    Jun 2023 – Aug 2023

Project site

The installed peak power of the Photovoltaic Power Plant (PPP) is 12.6kWp, and the capacity of the local energy storage facility (accumulator battery – AB) is 15.36kWh.
The purpose of PPP, combined with AB, is to provide electrical power, covering part of the electrical energy consumption at the Contracting Authority’s site, without exporting (returning) excess energy to the operator’s (Electricity Distribution Company) electrical network.

Project scope

The project scope includes – Designing parts “Electrical” and “Construction – constructive”; Delivery of complete main and auxiliary equipment; Installation and commissioning.
The main facilities in the project are:

  • Photovoltaic panels – 28 pcs. x 450Wp;
  • Aluminum construction with a 10° slope for installation on a flat roof – Aerocompact;
  • Hybrid inverter – 1br. x 12kW;
  • Accumulator battery – 1 pc. x 15.36kWh;
  • DC electrical panel for the strings and the battery – 2 pcs.

The electrical connection is realized in the main switchboard of the site, and for this purpose, the necessary protective and switching equipment is installed in it, as well as sized current transformers, with which energy flows are measured (consumed energy from the operator’s network, energy produced by the PPP, energy from the storage battery consumed by the object).
With the installed software application, in addition to monitoring the system, it is also possible to perform remote control, such as setting various parameters, operating modes, etc.