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Procurement of Materials for Repair and Maintenance of Hydro Turbine Equipment


  • Employer:
    National Electric Company
  • duration:
    2018 – 2023
  • Budget:
    590 000 EUR

Project site

  • Hydroelectric power plant “Momina Klisura”
  • Hydroelectric power plant “Devin”
  • Pumped-storage Hydroelectric power plant “Orfey”
  • Hydroelectric power plant “Tuzha”
  • Hydroelectric power plant “Aleko”

Projects Scope

The procurement services provide consumables (graphite seals for the hydro turbine) and spare parts (bolts for mounting the impeller to the turbine shaft of the unit, locking devices for the guide apparatus of the turbines, connections for precision hydraulic pipes) for the normal operation of the facilities in the HPP/PSHPP as well as and blanks required for the reconstruction and modernization of existing hydro turbine equipment (stainless steel sectors for lining the turbine covers).