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Reconstruction Of Auxiliary Systems To 9GQ And 10GQ


  • Employer:
  • duration:
    Aug 2018 – Jul 2021
  • Budget:
    134 380 EUR

Project scope

Project design: Reconstruction of auxiliary systems 5.6SS, 5.6ST, and 5.6VC to turbogenerators TVB-1000-4UZ.
The project was developed in two phases: conceptual design and working design.

The following were carried out within the scope of the project:

  • Analysis and evaluation of the proper functioning of the existing systems with the changed operating conditions according to the requirements of the new generators.
  • Analysis of the original project, as well as the changes made during the operational period.
  • A review and analysis of the operating parameters of the considered equipment was carried out when working in different modes and during the winter and summer climatic seasons.
  • A working project has been prepared for all connecting systems, electricity, instrumentation and control, construction and technological pipelines, and thermal equipment for the presented reconstruction. In the scope of the project, all the necessary analysis was performed to prove the reliable and efficient operation of the auxiliary systems, as well as hydrostatic and hydrodynamic analysis, heat transfer and thermal analysis, and strength analysis. In this part of the work project, seismic qualification according to the analytical method of the second category of pipelines and equipment for VC, ST, SS, and VE systems, both for the 5th and for the 6th EB, was performed.