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Reconstruction of the tablet gate drive of the main outlet of the Vucha Dam


  • Employer:
  • duration:
    Sep 2023 – Dec 2023
  • Budget:
    766 900 EUR

Project scope

The reconstruction of the tablet gate actuator of the main outlet of the Vucha Dam aims to remove the compromised (corroded) rods of the hydraulic cylinder actuators and to replace obsolete equipment with new equipment that meets modern trends in hydraulic actuation and control.

The rebuild of the actuator will also include the repair of the sealing loops on the main exhaust, the restoration of the integrity of the broken weld joints on the panning, and the application of an anti-corrosion coating on the working surface of the gates and panning.

The reconstruction of the drive and the repair works to be carried out during the project will ensure the reliability of the hydraulic engineering facility in conducting the water quantities through the main outlet when regulating the water volume in the Vucha dam.