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  • Employer:
    NPP Kozloduy EAD
  • duration:
    jan 2022 – sep 2022
  • Budget:
    14 318 EUR
NPP Kozloduy

Project scope

The purpose of the project is to deliver six pumping units 5,6ТВ10D02,3,4, which will replace the existing ones, located in rooms 5,6А034 in the building of the reactor compartment at an elevation of -4.20 on the territory of the Kozloduy NPP. The new pump units are type ETN 065-040-160-CCS manufactured by KSB.
Pumping units are classified as follows:
Safety class Z-N, according to “General provisions for the safety of nuclear power plants”, NP-001-15;
Group for technical supervision – According to NP-089-15 Rules for the design and safe operation of equipment and pipelines of nuclear power plants.
The equipment meets requirements for seismic resistance category – 2, according to “Standards for the design of earthquake-resistant nuclear power stations”, HP-031-01, for which seismic qualification was carried out using an analytical method.”