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Quality Policy

GCR AD considers quality as an integral part of professionalism. In this sense, quality (in the context of BDS EN ISO 9000: 2015) is an important characteristic of the products and services that the Company provides and includes not only their intended function and characteristics but also their perceived value and benefits to the customer.

The policy and main goal of GCR AD are to provide its customers with products with the required quality, in accordance with their requirements and the requirements of the regulations. The policy of GCR AD includes the observance of all regulatory acts, as well as the international standards, referring to the activities performed by the Company.

This means following the principles of:

  • Ensuring quality priority in the activity of GCR AD.
  • Researching the needs and expectations of clients and satisfying to the maximum extent their requirements.
  • Focus on the risk and opportunities related to the context and objectives of GCR AD.
  • Development of the leading positions of GCR AD in the field of nuclear energy, conventional energy, and renewable energy source.
  • Increasing the competitiveness of the Company by optimizing the factors such as training, quality of work, efficiency, compliance with deadlines, and competitive prices.
  • Developing relationships with suppliers to ensure the high quality of their work.
  • Quality is a guarantee for the success and prosperity of GCR AD.